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Buganvil brings a history from accomplishment!



In 1965 knew Antonina, city beautiful, with a welcoming people of wide smiles and an unequaled historical architecture!

In 1986 was born Buganvil, its name mean  "Spring Flower", by its garden with littoral flowers and of Buganvil, who involves the whole restaurant.

Bringing an unequaled quality in flavor and fidelity to the cuisine of the Paraná State tradition, it became quickly famous and requested.


The restaurant offers wonderful cymbals. Its specialties are the sea fruits, as crab's delicious small shell, and the famous Barreado, standing out by its prepare all made in the stove to the firewood and in the mud pan, conforms the tradition, bringing an incomparable flavor. With much creativity improved the cymbals with a "play Dutch", culinary secret brought by my parents in 1948 when they immigrated into Brazil.


So famous stayed that touch Dutch that in 1990, in honor to my family's culture built a wind mill in front of the building where initiated our history, in the Avenue Conde Matarazzo, 721.


With more than 30 years of prosperity, each Buganvil's Little corner tells a happy history of a culinary traditional of the Paraná State marriage and dutch.



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Fhotos by: Eduardo Nascimento & Marcy Junior


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